Room Darkening

These fabrics are solid but are opaque in nature (no light comes through), they do, however; cast shadows of light around the outside of the shade from the window itself.  These are cheaper prices fabrics typically for families on a budget. Both the light filtering and room darkening fabrics come from one supplier, Indiana Coated Fabrics, for which we are the Southeast distributor of the fabrics.


This shade has a nubby embossing that is very popular with today's decor. Delicately embossed with the soft texture of ageless boucle weave, it is a blend of glass fiber-based fabric and opaque vinyl coatings making it coated for durability, pliable yet washable and fire resistant. And this shade helps you save energy by holding cool or warm air in.

Duplex Fiberglass

Duplex Fiberglass comes in an exciting array of colors.These colors have white backing to provide uniform appearance from the exterior. It offers the versatility of color inside the room and white on the other side, and vice-versa. Room darkening energy saving is provided with its attractive appearance. Made of fiberglass with vinyl coating, this shade is made for years of wear. Flame retardant and washable.

NF Wide

Wide is a fiberglass based fabric with a vinyl coating, washable. This fabric is only available in wide goods. Shade with no splice up to 97-1/4" wide or 80 long. 96" wide. N.F. Wide white is comparable to Nolite Fiberglass white and you may choose to use that for shades up to 73-1/4" tip to tip.

Nolite Fiberglass

Nolite Fiberglass is a tightly woven shade cloth that has all the benefits of glass fiber construction. Made of glass fiber-based cloth and impregnated with vinyl for wear ability. Available in a variety of colors and is double vinyl coated for durability and wash ability. Will not crack, flake or peel. Washable and wrinkle-free, straight hanging and flame retardant.


Constructed of high count cotton cambric on face and 70% / 30% poly cotton backing for total privacy. 100% black out and soft textured for total privacy in any room. These shades are only available in waterfall style.

Shot Silk

A blend of polyester and cotton gives the beautiful look of silk that is so desirable along with the durability of a window shade. All colors come with an eggshell colored backing. These shades are perfect if you wish to convey the look of fabric laminated without the cost. 100% room darkening shades that add elegance to any decor. 


This classic shade give the luxurious look of Moire silk with the practical room darkening quality. Fiberglass construction coated with vinyl gives it long life and is also washable.