Light Filtering Fabrics

 These are fabrics that are solid but omit light through the shade (transparent).  These are typically your cheaper priced fabrics and are suitable for families on a budget. These fabrics are also our biggest seller in the entertainment industry.


This translucent shade gives the luxurious look of silk with the practical light filtering quality. Royal is made of fiberglass yarn. The soft light filtering through provides a highlight of soft charm. Fiberglass construction coated with vinyl gives it long life and is washable, fire retardant, and straight-hanging. Will not crack and will remain fresh.


Constructed of high count cambric, it's durable vinyl-coated finish will withstand many vigorous washings and constant exposure to sun without losing its fresh appearance. Tiffany is the choice for school & hospital windows because of its durability and light filtering qualities. Made from fine cotton coasted both sides with tough vinyl, it is ideal in rooms where glowing light is desired along with years of wear. Flame retardant and washable.


A 100% polyester fabric with a subtle, or if you choose, striking design. Beautiful monochromatic leave-like pattern adds a little modern aspect to a classic style of fabric shade. This new modern design allows light to cascade through your windows, with features of privacy. A true center piece of conversation for your room.


Seven soft, decorator pleasing colors offered in this polyester, light filtering fabric. Very light toned coloring adds accents to your rooms. This sheer fabric screams simplicity with style. Available in many colors and hangs nicely in your window. Affordable for any decor. 


Gently slubbed, as any linen should be. However, this blend of Linen and polyester fibers gives the look you want with the easy care you need. Imitating aspects of mother nature, this will give a very subtle nature feel to your rooms and/or home. Affordable and washable with a dust cloth. The linen shade offers a long lasting, cost effective way to beautifully decorate.