Roman Shades

In 2012 we began to fabricate Roman Shades. They come with cord lock controls and basic lining, in white or ivory. Options include the Rollease lift system, motorized lift system, white or ivory blackout lining, self or contrast valances, returns and trims. We offer them in five different styles.

The Classic Roman

 The Classic Roman is a lined casual flat roman that has no horizontal seams. Since the face of the shade is truly flat, it lends itself to the use of patterned fabrics where the pattern looks best uninterrupted. When raised, the fabric gathers itself into soft folds that are approximately 6 inches deep.

The Hobbled Roman

The Hobbled Roman has soft overlapping folds that hide the stitching.  Please note that overlapping folds require twice the fabric of a flat roman and that the shade must be lined to ensure the desired look. Since the folds overlap, the pattern will be interrupted and this should be considered when choosing the Hobbled Roman.

Slat Front Roman

The Slat Front Roman provides a very contemporary style. In a Slat Front Roman, the stays, which are in the form of slats, are sewn so that they project from the face of the shade when it is down. When raised, each slat disappears under the fold above it. The shades draws up cleanly and tightly. Care should be taken in fabric pattern selection to ensure that the pattern can be interrupted.

Flat Paneled Roman

The Flat Paneled Roman has small stays, approximately 10 inches apart, sewn to the back of the shade. The stays produce very crisp folds as the shade is raised, so that it draws up cleanly and stacks tightly. Because the stays create horizontal seams on the face of the shade, it is important to select fabrics where an interruption of the pattern does not distract from the overall look.

Relaxed Roman

The Relaxed Roman has a casual softness that falls smoothly and easily from the top to form soft, unstructured swags at the hemline. Narrow shades will have a single swag, wider shades are available with multiple swags. Please note that since folds overlap at the bottom, the pattern will be interrupted and should be considered when choosing the Relaxed Roman.



These are shades that are made from customer’s own material and fabricated with a backing to operate with Cord Lock System (operates with cords and locking pulley system, this the the cheapest and most old fashioned), Rollease Clutch System, or Somfy Motorized System..

We offer Roman Shade Kits available to our customers who fabricate their own Romans but need a supply for Rollease or Somfy Motorized Systems.