Open Weave Fabrics

These fabrics are made of a woven material with open holes throughout. These are higher priced fabrics and are typically suitable for commercial applications. Often, our customers order fascia systems (a metal  cover at the top that is attractive and covers the hardware) with these types of shades. We buy from several manufactures of these fabrics, including Pfiffer and Mermet.

Basket Weave

 Evon Weave is an open weave cloth that is designed in Europe. This shade cloth consists of vinyl coated polyester yarn. It provides good visibility and is made of PVC coated fiberglass. Available in a variety of colors, good visibility and vinyl coating provides for durability and wash ability. It is flame retardant and offers excellent glare control. Approximately 5% openness.


This line of Naturals was inspired by nature and created to take the function of sun control fabrics to a whole new level. This collection is woven with diverse textures and rich colors that maintain the qualities that open weave fabrics are known for - unmatched durability, minimal maintenance and excellent outward visibility. The material composition is polyester and vinyl on polyester. Comfortable with nature, giving 5% - 10% visibility while eliminating most of the heat and glare from the sun.

 Sheer Weave

An open weave, loosely woven shade cloth that has all the benefits of a fibre construction. Sheer Weave is made of a flame retardant fiberglass shade cloth. It is richly textured and is translucent to softly illuminate interiors. Available in a variety of colors, good visibility and vinyl coated for durability and wash ability. Flame retardant and maintenance free. Approximately 17% open weave.

Evon Weave

Evon Weave is a French imported open weave shade cloth that provides sun protection with 5% openness factor while allowing visibility. With a durable fiberglass PVC construction for minimal maintenance yet maximum appeal. Available in wide goods. Flame Retardant.