Our Affordable Motors

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New affordable motors

These new motors are perfect for you and your budget. Cordless, sleek and futuristic, these motors will transport your home to the next level. Our quiet design makes it possible to have silently drawn shades with just the push of a button.


Our Window Covering Distributor motors are affordable and top rated. The best part? You purchase them directly from the manufacturer, which means no middle man. You get the best deal possible. Motorized shades are a great addition to any home, it’s like living in the future. The sleek hand-held remote will raise or draw your window shades to your specified height. No more tweaking around with each shade. With just one push all of your window shades will be silently and consecutively drawn.


The most value for your dollar! Top rated and the most affordable. Same motors as industry leaders. Durable, long lasting and silent.


Each motor is good for 500 operations until it needs to be recharged again.


We have a five year warranty so that you have time to become fully enthralled by our product.


Lithium-Ion battery powered tubular motors. That means they have are low maintenance and also rechargeable!